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Giving the knees a rest (SUP and the adventures of the multi-vitamin aisle)

13 Apr

I’ve always been a bit sceptical about multi-vitamins, or perhaps, more cynical about the companies  persuading us we need the multi-vitamins. I was always of the school of thought: if you need to spend $50 on a tub of vitamin C and Echinacea then go and spend $2 on a bag of carrots. However, I admit, there are clearly circumstances when supplements are required and I confess, last year when I was run down with a virus that would not budge for weeks, I succumbed to a women’s multi-vitamin with Zinc to give me an added boost.

I think the reasons I’ve avoided fish oil were two-fold: First, I am useless at remembering to take pills and get into that routine where you must have one after each meal etc and second, I have always associated them with ageing. They are the things my dad took when his joints started to creak.

Then came my first knee twinge. After blogging about our running training for City2Surf, I am now looking to ease off the road running for a few days because knees (and James knows this more than anyone) are quite useful joints to have functioning well. I relented and figured that if I want to keep up this running lark, I should probably give the joints a helping hand.

Omega 3 Krill Oil

So it was, with some reluctance, I entered the domain of the vitamin aisle in the local pharmacy: shelves upon shelves, towering with an array of tubes, bottles and tubs of every type of supplement for every type of ailment or condition you could name. All I wanted was a month’s supply of fish oil but there were about twenty shelves of fish oil to choose from—and not just fish oil—now it’s krill oil they are waxing lyrical about. There are many more clinical studies on the benefits of fish oil but krill oil is the new darling of omega 3 supplements. It is supposedly much more potent than regular fish oil and has a 60% better absorption rate, depending what you read. Krill vs. Fish oil, I had no idea, but if it was a choice between needing one tablet or nine, I’ll go with one every time. For a doctor’s view on whether one is better than the other, I refer you to this blog.

I scanned the shelves and clearly my vacant stare and slack jaw drew pity from a sales assistant because she attempted to guide me through the minefield of krill oil options.

I ended up with a tub of Swisse 1000mg high strength wild krill oil for no other reasons than it is a reputable brand, the krill was ‘free range’ and as well as the usual benefits for the joints and heart, it claims to help ease symptoms at the ‘time of the month’. Hey, this was as much a pill for James as it was for me!

Sorry for banging on about krill but I shall report back on my findings (if I remember to take them everyday. Let’s face it, this will be no clinical trial or scientific study , but I may notice some improvements.)

So, in the name of protecting my knees, I ventured out on an SUP board this morning with James. This is great for core-strength and very low-impact (unless you fall in of course.) James did the usual race and is still getting to grips with his new racing board (did I mention he has bought a new toy for the garage?) and I pottered about happily in the bay and the sunshine, admiring the fish swimming about in the water and hoping I’ll soon be reaping the benefits thanks to their little crustacean cousins.

OZ SUP  Rose Bay

Rose Bay, Sydney

SUP racing board

Louise SUP


Convalescent Leave

6 Jul

Having had almost 10 days sitting around with my feet up following a knee operation I thought it was about time to knock out a quick post on our blog.  Louise has been doing an excellent job keeping the site up to date and a warning to you all that this will be no where near as well written or interesting as what you normally read.

My knee operation took place last Tuesday and it seems to have gone well.  The operation was to remove part of my patellar that had been fractured during my debut lacrosse match for the RN in Nov 2007.  Needless to say this was my one and only time that I have played that game.  The RAN sent me to one of Sydney’s top knee surgeons to get fixed and so far so good.  I have been doing a little more everyday and now seem able to walk pretty freely and even drove yesterday – which was perhaps a little premature as my knee feels sore this morning!  The time off work has been a nice break and I have enjoyed the opportunity of being at home spending some time with Louise (who has been looking after me tirelessly) and getting lots of reading done.

The operation was timed to coincide with me leaving HMAS Newcastle, so next week when I go back to work I will be working from an office in Naval base.  I have been asked to work on a project for one of the Commodores in relation to some of things we have done this year on the Ship.  It will hopefully be quite interesting and will tie me over until I begin my course in October at HMAS Watson.   Leaving Newcastle was a little sad as it was a happy Ship and I had had a good time with her, but I was getting a little stale in the job and felt the need to move on to newer pastures.  I am not sure if Louise mentioned this but I have been given a job on the teaching staff at the PWO school which begins in April next year once I complete the course I mentioned.  I was very pleased to get the job; a welcome spell ashore plus the opportunity to do something slightly different and put my experience as a PWO into good use (I hope).

I am soon to start my Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Strategy with the first course beginning at the end of the month. As a prologue to this, I submitted an article, which was published in a Navy magazine, in response to an Admiral on PWO training. I hope the Admiral will accept my argument and I haven’t stuck my neck out too far in this early stage in my career!

Aside from work and the knee life is going nicely, we are very happy with our flat here in Rose Bay, although it is pretty chilly at this time of year and these houses were never designed to keep any heat in!  But the sun is shinning and spring is just around the corner.  Louise is at the gym and I am about to carry on with some more reading  – currently I am engrossed with Field Marshall Slim’s book on the Burma campaign of WWII – fascinating.

Now that I am shore based I hope to blog more regularly…

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