Onwards and Upwards

24 Jun

Apologies for the lack of update recently but moving house here (apart from stressful and time-consuming) means no internet connection for weeks! I’ve no idea why it takes a month to switch an account from one address to another but the library and wifi cafes will be getting a lot of business from me over the coming days.

So, apart from lack of connectivity, it is onwards and upwards and when I say upwards, I mean it literally: seven floors to be precise. From ground floor to top floor and with that move, some amazing views to boot. Sadly, the past few days’ weather in Sydney has meant I haven’t been able to take full advantage of the panoramic harbour and city vistas, which have been masked by a low cloud and teaming rain but being able to see the skyline lit up at night still blows me away.

Sunset view of SYdney skyline

The weekend before the move we spent packing up, chucking out and making trips to and from the new unit with some of the smaller and breakable items.

Moving mayhem

Luckily, James was able to take a couple of days’ leave to help with the move, which took a lot of stress off my shoulders but having said that, the three guys who moved us in worked so fast and efficiently and took such good care of our furniture and belongings, it probably would not have been as bad as we thought. When one of the men picked up a large, solid, wood chest of drawers with one arm, we knew we were in good hands. Turned out they had us out, in and unpacked in less than five hours and after a 6am start, we were having lunch in the sunshine in one of our new local cafes by 1pm.

Then the hard work began: the box emptying, the tidying and sorting, the rearranging and organizing and learning where things went and how our new home worked. That’s when James had to fly off back to Melbourne!

The next forty-eight hours I spent thirteen-hour days cleaning and putting everything in its place and traipsing the homeware stores to buy the bits we needed. One of the items, one of my favourite pieces, was my new desk. It fits into our new study area and with a view across to the city, I’m not sure I’ll be getting too much work done! I love it and with our new sofa, we’re beginning to find we’re slowly getting pieces that resemble our style and making our new place feel like our home.

Study area

As pleased as I am with the desk, buying it was a different matter. When I got to the loading bay, the first thing the man said to me was, “Do you have a big car?” Followed by, “Is there anyone who can help you with this at the other end?”

Several minutes of heaving this enormous box out of the car and shuffling it with my shoulder against it into the lift, I managed to get the box into the unit. Thinking the worst was over, I cut open the box, looked at the instructions and for the first time ever on an assembly manual, saw the words in big bold font: Two People Are Required For This. Oh well, a two-person job became a one-person struggle but eventually, a rather heavy and cumbersome desk was assembled!

In fact, buying furniture for a new place, especially an apartment that is not ground floor, can prove tricky when there are no large patio doors for access and the only way in is through a rather narrow security door. Then there are the limitations of the lift dimensions to consider (although thank God for the lift!), so carrying a tape measure in my bag has become common practise for the past week as has learning special sofa manoeuvres that seem to defy the laws of maths.

Now it is finally all sorted, this weekend has been about seeing friends, catching up on sleep and having something more than a bowl of soup to eat each day! Onwards and upwards…

Sydney harbour views


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