Curve balls

24 Apr

Life sometimes throws a few curve balls around. They come as a surprise, they can often be unsettling or  they can be viewed as a positive thing. For about, let’s see, almost four months, we’ve escaped unscathed from any curve-balls until I got that phonecall. The one you always risk as a  tenant but one I have so far avoided in all my time renting houses and apartments. It came the other day, the news that the owner wants to move back in and so, we have three months left in the lovely place we’ve called home for the past twenty months. What we do next is wait. The Navy may have other properties, although inevitably not in this area or we may find our own place to rent. Either way, the time has come to move on out and then of course, once we have found somewhere, in a couple of months we also find out James’ next posting so who knows  whether we’ll be on the move again later this year. It’s part and parcel of being married to the Navy but we are viewing this particular curve ball as an opportunity, a chance to find a new place and having twenty month’s worth more knowledge and experience of Sydney than last time, it should make the hunt a little less daunting.




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