16 Apr

Normally I wake up and after a quick review of emails and facebook feeds, I crack on with the day ahead, open up the word documents and get editing or composing. Today was different. The first thing I glean from social media before any other source is the news of the Boston bombings (having a high proportion of journalist friends is useful to get a good overview of the latest breaking news!) So, instead of a morning at the computer screen, I am watching the TV screen, totally shocked and moved by what I was seeing.

I don’t normally blog about current affairs, more what has gone on in our lives, but this was part of our life today, as it was so many people’s waking up in Australia to such sad news.

Photo: Aaron "tango" Tang (Source:

Photo: Aaron “tango” Tang (Source:

Having been thinking so much about training for running events recently, it touched me even more watching pictures of the explosions near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon; seeing an elderly runner collapse from the shock waves, hearing of the carnage behind the balustrades fencing off the spectators.It brought me to remember my own experiences of a large running event; the jubilant atmosphere, the air filled with cheering and applause, the joy and support for the runners.  People who run marathons talk about the challenge of facing your fears, confronting your own weaknesses and delving deep to find the inner strength to make it to the finish, so to see them approaching that finish, 42 km from the starting gun and for it to end on such a tragic note was heart-breaking.

Our hearts go out to those in Boston, to the victims and their families. I say this, not as a glib reaction to get on the bandwagon but because we were genuinely moved by the news and at how quickly the emergency services reacted and got people to safety. We were genuinely saddened at how in the midst of an event, which requires asking so much of yourself, people are now left asking so much of other people; but on a day when we have witnessed the darker side of humanity, it is against a backdrop of a celebration of human spirit and endeavour.


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