To everything there is a season

2 Apr

The months of March and April we used to associate with days growing longer, temperatures getting warmer and winter melting away.* Of course, now we’re in the Southern Hemisphere, this is completely reversed and where spring would have sprung, autumn now starts to fall. We have begun to notice a slight chill to the air first thing in the morning and until our clocks go back at the end of this week, it is a very dark day we wake up to when the alarm goes off. Easter was a time of  blossom on the trees and lambs and calves wobbling about, trying out their new legs. Having said that, with the temperate weather here, it appears lambing can also happen in autumn so at the Sydney Royal Easter show there were enough baby animals to satisfy anyone pining for a burst of spring (probably something the UK is in need of right now.)

We went along to the event on Easter Monday: a huge fair at the Olympic park with rides and attractions for children, exhibition halls for food, wine, produce, fashion and home styling, arenas for animal  judging and stadiums for parades and spectacles. My highlight was petting the adorable baby goats, lambs and calves, which due to my fear of cows, was quite an achievement! James’ highlight was the wood chopping championships. I have to admit I disappeared to the craft hall at that point and left him to watch great hulks of men wield axes over great hunks of wood. The event dubbed the ‘Wimbledon of Wood Chopping’ attracted huge crowds and despite the heat, the arena was packed. (If you are interested the New Zealand team won the World Championship and these men can hack through a tree stump in under 60 seconds.)



The Easter weekend itself, we travelled to the South Coast and stayed in a small B&B in Berry in an idyllic spot, run by the parents of one of James’ Navy colleagues. If it seemed like spring in Sydney (or still summer if we’re honest right now) we woke up to a truly autumnal morning in Berry. Fields (of cows) were shrouded in mist as the sun came up and the temperature was below 20 degrees for the first time in a while.

We drove into the Southern Highlands, up through Kangaroo Valley and to Fitzroy Falls and went to Gerroa in the afternoon to try and take the paddle board for a surf but the wind made it very difficult. That evening, we walked over the rocks, saw dolphins jumping through the waves and then had a meal at the Hungry Duck in Berry – highly recommended.


We took a big detour back to Sydney, back through the highlands and then Kiama to walk the coastal path (more cows but I gave a wide berth) and stopping at the Scarborough Hotel for a drink and a pretty incredible view.

Back to the city and the only cow was the one on our plate that evening at a friends’ barbecue. Fantastic Easter weekend.

*We note that this year, spring seems to have ignored this rule in the UK.


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