28 Feb

Well, it’s been a while since we (I) last blogged! I guess that’s not for lack of things happening, but more that the things that have been happening have been very ordinary, some might say, dull! I think it’s also just symptomatic of the fact we have adjusted, settled and are getting on with the day to day. The weekly shop is not that blog-worthy (even if you have an experience as I did the other week involving traffic, closed down car parks, forgetting wallets, a second run to the shop and then said shop running out of what you need); the housework is really not that exciting (the laundry basket is constantly full of uniform, the patio is constantly full of leaves and the sink is constantly  just full) and work is as it is for most people: frustrating and slow at times, stressful and demanding and always needing to be done!

On that note, can you tell we have been here 18 months? Yes, 18 months! It is the second longest period of time either of us have ever lived in one house in our adult lives. 18 months, 180 degree flip to the other side of the world. Here we are. So here are 18 photos to celebrate the milestone and the journey so far 🙂

James@Sydney Harbour

Coffee in Frankston

Roos on the quarterdeck

Harbour Highlights

Louise & James - 1920s style

Festive friends




Three Sistas!



Newcastle arrives

Cute Koala

Sculptures By The Sea: View





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