Hot town, summer in the city…

3 Dec

I’ve been baking again. (I mean this both literally and figuratively because we have been experiencing a bit of a heatwave.) This time the baking was actually for my benefit too – birthday cake! I thought it was a bit wrong to be making my own cake but I had James’ birthday as an excuse and seeing as we had a joint birthday party at the weekend, there couldn’t not be a cake!

We invited around thirty people and hired out the barbecue and pool area at the naval school where James is working. It is a fantastic setting, with views over the city and it was lovely to be able to share it with none-Navy friends, who never usually get to see what lies beyond the security gates.

Now, usually James and I, both being UK winter babies, celebrate in freezing, wet (or both) conditions so it was a real contrast when, this year, the weekend fell over one of the hottest  starts of summer in Sydney in years. While western suburbs sweltered in around 40 degrees, we were grateful for a little respite thanks to the sea breeze – and temperatures of around 34. No better weekend for a pool party than during a heatwave.

The night before I finished the cake:

Birthday cake

Then I panicked we wouldn’t have enough food:

Party food

Then I calmed down and enjoyed the day with our lovely group of friends 🙂

Aussie friends

Pool party

It was a brilliant occasion; the location was ideal, there was a really nice mix of Naval, civilian, UK and Australian and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Besides the sun, a few games of Kubb also got things a little heated:

Kubb underway

Kubb victors

We were both really touched at all the cards, gifts and food people brought and it really brought home the fact we have settled in well here and have established a good network of friends. Not only was it a good way to kick off the summer in Sydney but we also got to meet our friend’s puppy for the first time. Bert proved to be the star of the show!
Guest of honour

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