Simple Sundays

16 Nov

If it’s a sunny weekend, we are no longer itching to grab the bathers and hit the beach – we realise it is no longer a novelty and the sun and the beach will still be there (luckily) tomorrow. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy going anymore, more that a sunny day is now like any other and we can use our weekends to do something a bit different or explore something new.

Last weekend it was a walk all the way down the coast, along the cliffs to Maroubra. It’s one of those places deemed a little less ‘trendy’ and therefore a bit cheaper. The further you branch out from the city and harbour bays, the less gentrified it becomes. Rather than cafes selling ricotta and sun blush tomatoes on toasted sourdough rye, they sell cheese and tomato sandwiches. You get the idea. Even suburbs such as Coogee are now all upmarket and full of yoga-going mums in designer lycra. Maroubra is heading that way but just a short stretch down the coast it is less built up and doesn’t quite have the same beach front buzz as Bondi or Bronte. Yet a short walk away from the beach we stumbled across an amazing little cafe . We were drawn to it initially as the sound of jazz notes floated over to us and so we followed the sound of the music until we found a live funk band playing on the pavement, entertaining diners at Mr. Big Stuff. So there it was we stayed and enjoyed a leisurely lunch while listening to live jazz and there was not a pampered, pocket-sized pooch in sight.

The following day we headed to Paddington markets, which were brilliant and meant we came back laden down with fresh Irish soda bread, walnut and fig loaf and a garlic and rosemary baguette!

And our camelia bushes are blooming and so are the jacaranda trees at the moment, so here’s a photo just because:


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