Opened Up

12 Nov

Open Sydney is a festival, showcasing some of the city’s finest architectural delights from the most innovative, eco-friendly designed buildings to the decades-old, historical gems, from large, ornate, religious structures to the more practical every-day offices, schools, hospitals and fire stations.

The other Sunday James and I hopped on a bus and with street plan in hand and made a list of the buildings we were most interested in seeing. Of the fifty available to us, it was impossible to see all in one day so we scaled it down to our top twenty and devised a route that would cover them all.

What we were never going to see in Sydney were the large, crumbling, ruins of a centuries old castle or fortress but we did get a look inside the Town Hall, built on the site of an ancient burial ground; Parliament House, with its portraits of the great and good going back, er, well a few decades and the art-deco fabulousness of the Henry Davis York Budling and my favourite; the State Theatre –  a real feast for the eyes with Art-Deco, Italian and Gothic features.

Other highlights were the Great Synagogue with its elaborate ceiling and display of ancient Torah scrolls, St. Andrews Cathedral, the Victorian Marble Bar in the Hilton and for me, the Sydney Dance Company’s studios. I even managed a few pirouettes around one of the studios when no one else was there!

Perhaps we should also include possibly the most impressive piece of design and engineering – something which does not require a ticket or a two-year wait to be seen:


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