Springing into action

28 Oct

James has been on a bit of a winning streak of late: first at the races last Saturday, then at a casual poker game with work friends on Friday and yesterday in his SUP race – winning the entire race overall. The poker could be down to a bit of beginner’s luck and the hard work, training and 6am starts are clearly paying off with the SUP  but there’s also the fact he’s given up alcohol for nearly a month. Coincidence? Well, waking up refreshed, not hungover or dehydrated may be playing a big part in his performance and perhaps a clear head is giving him a better poker face too.

It started off with James taking part in ‘Ocsober’, a nationwide initiative aiming to set a good example to kids and making them choose healthier life choices. As part of his own healthier life choices, he thought he would give it a go, until he then read about ‘Hello Sunday Morning.’ It’s a movement looking to change society’s relationship with alcohol and challenging people to give it up for three months, waking up hangover free and seeing what a difference it could make. So, he has signed up and taken up the challenge and it seems he is already noticing the difference and reaping the rewards.

As I rarely drink, there’s no temptation from my end and for the past few weeks, I have not woken up on a weekend morning to a fuzzy-headed husband, who needs a ‘short’ afternoon nap or a few aspirin to get going. I’d better clarify that James was not a perpetual binge-drinker, downing shots until 3am every Saturday but a few beers seems to take its toll a little more on the wrong side of thirty.

Now its, ‘hello weekend,’ and ‘what shall we do today?’ and with Sydney alive with a festival or event every few days at the moment, there is always something to do.

The annual ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ has been running for the past week and this year is showcasing some incredible works of art from the weird and wacky to the bold and the beautiful. The more than a hundred sculptures are displayed on the 2km stretch from Bondi Beach along the cliffs to Tamarama.

The coastal path around there is heaving at the moment as tens, if not hundreds of thousands descend on the free public event. It’s another thing we love about Sydney; the number of cheap if not free events and festivals  taking place throughout the year – but particularly in the lead up to Summer.

Yesterday we met up with friends at the Surry Hills Festival. For a small donation to enter, there were dozens of food and market stalls, live music on stages and various activities to try out – including giant, inflatable Twister!

Today, we went for a picnic with Nicky and Matt, walking along the cliff tops in the other direction from Bondi, towards Vaucluse. Matt is vegetarian and I have been experimenting with a few veggie recipes so decided to get up and start baking first thing this morning. The result was Spanish tortilla, ratatouille quiche, tomato tartin and smoked cheese and herb muffins, which beat a curled up sandwich.

The herbs for the muffins were from our ‘garden’ which has suddenly shot up during the last few weeks of warm, sunny weather. There are a few strawberries showing as well now and we have just acquired some tomato plants from a friend, so if they work out, we may not just be self-sufficient in parsley.

It seems, it’s not just James who is feeling perkier – the front flower bed too is starting to wake up with our first rose blooming 🙂 and now he is on this current winning streak, I think it might be time to buy that lottery ticket for this week’s $70 million jackpot…




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