Dark Horse

24 Oct

Spring is well underway in Sydney and that means the racing season is also upon us – time to don the hats and fascinators and head trackside for a taste of the Spring Racing Carnival.

Some Australian friends of ours organised a day at the races at the Royal Randwick racecourse so we crossed our fingers for good weather and a bit of luck, dressed the part and made our not-so-elegant arrival on the 314 bus from Bondi Junction.

Transport aside, we had a fantastic day: glorious sunshine, front row views of the course and even a few dollars extra in the pocket when we came to leave. When you’re only betting $5 either way, a few dollars means just that, but with James and I both getting reasonable wins in the first two races, at least the bus fare home was free!

It was a quick change from one dress into another when we got home as I transformed myself into Angeline Desguys (Angel-in Des-guise), daughter of a billionaire tycoon, and James into Ed Butte, the manservant. No comment on how appropriate the roles were but James had his cockney accent down pat by the time we arrived at our friend’s murder mystery party.

We were greeted by Eamon the butler and Dawn Trodden the maid and were soon introduced to Esau Hytall (Ee-saw-It-all), Toby ONotaby and a couple of other characters who made up the party around the Captain’s table in RMS Olympic.

It was a very funny evening with lots of weird and wonderful accents (most notably the German and Irish attempts) and a meal created by a Naval officer who was a chef in a previous career (always helpful.)

It may have been due to the amount of Martinis, Cosmopolitans, wine and port drunk throughout the evening but no one had much of a clue who did it in this whodunnit. One lady had to double up on roles, which added to the confusion but also the amusement of everyone else as she began schizophrenic conversations with herself. With one lady constantly having to wink at Toby, the German constantly declaring his love for my maid, and James apparently blackmailing everyone, it was I who surprisingly emerged as the dark horse and two-time murderer.

A very good end to the day and fortunately I did not get too into my role so James wasn’t heading home with a homicidal maniac that night.


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