Friends Reunited

15 Oct

A week a go we had just got back from spending five wonderful days down in Jervis Bay and ten fantastic days with great friends. I have only just got round to writing about it but after days spent writing letters, synopses, CV tweaking and internet research, I had to step away from the computer!

We have been to Jervis Bay a couple of times before (and James even more due to work) but you can never fail to be impressed by the beauty of the place, however many times you visit. The whitest sand, the clearest, turquoise water and abundant wildlife make it a true paradise less than three hour’s drive south of Sydney.

Will, Is and their children made the trip from Melbourne to Sydney and stayed with us for a few days before we all drove down to Jervis Bay. This meant the days before their arrival saw me baking blueberry muffins and scouring the supermarket aisles for tube yogurts, children’s cereal and child-friendly bread and sandwich fillings. It is a funny thing when, with visions of scowling faces, bluntly stating “I don’t like this,” you start dreading the harsh critique of a meal by a four and six year-old. Archie and Bella were great and luckily it was not my cake, which got the hilarious six-year old’s verdict: ‘This is so toxic I had to spit it out.” I also learned a lot can be solved with pasta and cheese.

The weather gods were kind and the ten days with them were, for the most part, dry, warm and sunny. James introduced Will and Is to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) on the harbour at Rose Bay and then we were all having a go down on the beaches at Jervis Bay.

Even I got up and did some long paddles, although I have not quite got to the standard of racing and sharp turns, nor, for that matter, of going out much deeper than standing depth!

Having a couple of children to entertain was a great excuse to keep the ‘bigger boys’ amused with sandcastle building, although I’m not sure who actually had more fun, when all I could hear were military-style commands being handed out about where the defences were to be best placed.

After the children were in bed, the adults had their fun, usually by way of competitive games of scrabble and contract whist (yes, we were that rock n roll) but all washed down with Is’ mojitos.

All in all it was a very relaxing week of sun, sand, walks around the bays, runs on the beach, good food, copious amounts of wine (did I mention W&I brought the contents of a winery with them) and the best company. Having children meant it was a holiday with a bit of  difference for James and I. James did not get quite as much reading done as he would have liked but secretly loved having to watch Kung-Fu Panda and I got to read about the exploits of a road-safety conscious dog.

Got to love bedtime stories.


One Response to “Friends Reunited”

  1. vonschlapper October 27, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    Thanks. We had an awesome time too!

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