80,403. The End

8 Oct

The tweaking phase has begun. Small amendments, corrections and adjustments to the manuscript, which I am happy to say, I have finally finished. I use finished in the loosest sense for as I mentioned, there are plenty of minor changes to be made and possibly even some longer rewrites of certain sections but over 80,000 words later, I have written a novel.

The strange thing is giving it to people to read and not knowing exactly how the story comes across. As the author, you never have the experience of reading it for the first time, not knowing what comes next or seeing the final twists revealed. This is where feedback becomes useful and this is the stage I am now at. To be honest, it can be just as daunting as facing the blank page but so far so good. It has been generally positive and bar the odd typo and a couple of suggestions or clarifications, there have been no major upsets and the pages have not yet been handed back with a look that says, “perhaps you should forget it.”

However, friends can be much kinder critics than the real thing so I am not naively believing I have yet written something which is good enough to be published. The process has been great though and I have learnt just how much extra work goes into the characters and back stories – and also what I would do differently if I have a go writing another – but one thing at a time!

For now I think James is glad not to have to keep reading random snippets out of order and I have to have a go at condensing those 80,000 plus words into a two page synopsis. I have finally come up with a title – or at least, a working one – and that was with a little help from some friends. I won’t be revealing it on here though just yet.


One Response to “80,403. The End”

  1. Jean October 11, 2012 at 7:36 am #

    Can’t wait to be able to read it. I assume it’s still based on “the lettter”. Well done.XXX

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