Laws of Physics

22 Aug

When it comes to laws of magnetism, the basics state that opposites attract and likes repel and I couldn’t help but note that as with magnets, siblings too can sometimes attract and repel each other, so it seemed apt that my sister and I set off for Magnetic Island for a four-day break up in Queensland for some winter warmth! Fortunately, there was no repulsion, although we were probably more attracted to the Koalas, which were living in the trees just behind the B&B we were staying in.

Having never seen a Koala in the wild before, this was a wonderful first sight and welcome to the island and for Caroline, a tick in the box for her list of ‘Aussie things to see.’ After experiencing the cooler climes of Sydney, we were both glad of the sunshine and 27 degree heat that north Queensland in Winter has to offer. We met up in Townsville, south of Cairns (as Caroline had been down in Melbourne) and took the ferry over to the island.

As the majority of the island is national park and uninhabited, it is teeming with wildlife and has plenty of beautiful, unspoilt bays. We were staying near Horseshoe Bay at a B&B where the owners treated us more as house guests than customers: showed us the Koalas, let us feed the Lorikeets, which came to their garden every morning and even offered to drive us to various points around the island if we were heading out to the bus. Mind you, the island is so small, that only a couple of buses are needed to service the whole place and nowhere is much more than a fifteen minutes drive.

We used the walking trails to explore a few of the bays and took snorkelling gear so we could see the coral and tropical fish living in the waters around the island.

Our friendly B&B hosts also took us to a small forested area, renowned for all the butterflies and  a blue tiger butterfly even stayed still long enough for me to catch it on camera. Unfortunately, I stayed still long enough to be bitten all over by mosquitoes but perhaps worth it for the normally elusive shot!


Another highlight was feeding the rock wallabies at Geoffrey Bay. They were incredibly tame and after a while came right up and fed out of your hand.

On the last day, we went to take one last look to see if the Koalas were still hanging around and were lucky enough to see a mother and baby – unbelievably cute, especially when the baby turned around for the camera!

Magnetic Island is a beautiful place and hopefully James and I will go up together at some point. I took a lot of pictures, and you can see a selection from the trip in the photo gallery.


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