First Anniversary

8 Aug

Celebrating a first anniversary is always special and a time to reflect on that momentous day, one year a go, when you said ‘I do’ and comment on how quickly time has passed. Monday 6th August 2012 was no exception for us when we remembered celebrating our wedding back in the UK with family and friends.

So, it was an apt reminder of not just that day but of but a time to reflect on quite how much has changed since then.We certainly have a lot to look back on: From a wedding in rural England to now living in Sydney suburbia and everything else in between; the honeymoon, the Singapore stopover, the transition to new jobs, homes, lifestyles and the new friends and acquaintances along the way.

We had no big plans for the day. It was enough that James was actually home for the event and so as Sydney basked in its hottest weekend since April, we decided to head three hours North and drive to the Hunter Valley wine region.

I made a picnic and we sat by the Hunter Valley Gardens with our plastic champagne glasses and made a toast to us and our future.

The gardens are beautiful, even in Winter when the trees are mostly bare. As much as we enjoyed walking around, admiring the colours, the views and waterfall, the children’s Storybook Garden was a highlight! You can probably work out which books and nursery rhymes these are:

From children’s stories to more adult pursuits, we went to Krinklebottom winery, recommended by a friend. It is a boutique business, set in stunning countryside and after working our way through the wine list (spitting out of course) we made our way home.

On the Monday, more champagne was drunk, but this time we swapped the plastic glasses and cutlery for Michelin-starred surroundings as I took James for a surprise dinner to Catalina, overlooking Rose Bay. Having walked past it many a time, we finally got to go in and sample its food for ourselves.

It was a perfect way to celebrate, in our new home ground and while the views have certainly changed over the past twelve months, our first anniversary was not just about celebrating a very happy year of marriage but to recognise that as much as our surroundings and lifestyles have altered dramatically, we are still very much the same people, who left London eleven months a go.


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