T minus ten days

2 Aug

With ten days to go, it had suddenly dawned on me that I am actually running in City2Surf and have not just been slogging myself up Heartbreak Hill for the pleasure of it.  Training has had to step up a gear so I am now trying to run closer to 14km each time I go out and running up that hill at least twice a week now.

I have finally got to a point where I know completing the run is achievable but doing it within a reasonable time, perhaps less so.

Last year, the winning man finished the race in 41 minutes, 11 seconds, therefore running at about 20kph and seems to me to be some freakish combination of Paula Radcliffe and Usain Bolt . As a very mediocre runner, I will be glad to finish in under 90 minutes (which would still entitle me to enter in a qualifying timed group next year if this experience doesn’t put me off!) In theory, I should be able to complete it in 80 minutes but with 80,000 runners, I’m going to have to get my elbows out to make sure I start near the front of my group so I’m not forced to walk the first stretch. To be honest, I don’t quite know what to expect so I’ll be looking to enjoy being part of it and trying to soak in the atmosphere and those views, which really help inspire you along.

The other motivating factor of course is my fundraising, which is going well so far. I aimed for a modest target of $250 for beyond blue and have exceeded this total already. Thank you so much to those who have already sponsored me and if you would like to, here is the link to my fundraising page: www.fundraise.city2surf.com.au/louise_edmondson

James and my sister, who visits next week, will hopefully be waiting at the finishing line  and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny day and above all, an experience to remember.



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