Operation Front Garden

27 Jun

I walked into the hospital room, James was lying there, eyes closed and hooked up to his drip.

As I shut the door, the eyes opened and he thrust a pot of what looked like chicken gristle into my face with a cheeky grin.

There I was with magazines, grapes and good bedside manner ready to go. If I had known he would be wide awake and shoving parts of his knee cap at me, I wouldn’t have worried so much!

The good news is James is fine and the surgeon is very pleased with how the operation to remove the bit of broken platella, went. He is now at home, resting on the sofa and quite enjoying the excuse to put his feet up (literally) and read all day. He should be quite an easy patient (here’s hoping!) We’ll see what happens when the pain killers wear off. One kitchen cupboard is ready  stocked up with medication and probably has quite a decent street value right now.

The perks of getting your health care paid by the Navy include getting to stay at a private hospital like St.Luke’s Care, which feels a little as if you’re checking into a hotel for the night.  James did say the food wasn’t up to much so the operation clearly hasn’t affected his appetite, although apparently there were chocolate eclairs with morning tea.

Now the reference to the ‘Garden’ bit of this post is due to the fact we decided to liven up our patch of boring grass and dig a flower bed. I thought we’d better get this done quickly before James had the operation as it wasn’t really right to expect him to get down gardening while on crutches. To be fair, James put in all the effort and I ‘designed’ the planting (pointed to where the holes needed digging). We’re hoping with a bit of growth, the plants may start to hide the horrible grate in the front wall, which is from the underground garages.

It is really a bit of an experiment as neither of us had much clue as to what we should plant or what would look good, so we played it safe with ‘hardy’ plants, which required ‘partial shade or sun’ and tolerated drought, moisture and frost … If we kill these off, we may as well pave over any future garden we have.

I need to go back to my nursing duties, he’s ringing that bell again.


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