Potluck Picnic

16 Apr

Taking a boat to an uninhabited island loaded up with provisions sounds like something out of Swallows and Amazons but it’s what a bunch of ten of us adults did on Sunday afternoon.

Shark Island is  a small island in the middle of Sydney Harbour and so called due to its shape (a bit like a Hammer Head apparently) and not the wildlife around its shores.

Pippa, Tracy, Peter and Wyn are some Aussie friends I’ve made over here. They invited me along with a few new people whom I met, including a couple of French girls, so I actually spoke French for the first time in ages. It wasn’t too bad (they may disagree) and I think most of my French came back to me (although I think I called James a blouse at one point, rather than an officer and then proceeded to decommission him by calling him what I now know is a petty officer, not a naval officer in French)… Ah well.

Each of us brought something for lunch, hence the potluck picnic, so we had a selection of  meat, salads, crisps, dips, cheeses, cake and drinks and set up in a gazebo in the centre of the island. There were only a handful of other people who were on the island with us; a couple of guys who had kayaked across and a small group who also came with a picnic. There is nothing on the island except for a few picnic tables and a toilet so it really is one of those places you go to on a sunny day with a bunch of friends and take along an ipod, food and drink.

It was really good to meet some more people and see a bit more of the group, who I have only met up with occasionally. Most of them are lawyers, so you never know when they might come in useful! It was also a great way to be situated right in the middle of the harbour and enjoy views all the way around. The island is so small at just over 1 hectare, you can walk around it in minutes.

There was a moment when we realised we might be stranded on the island overnight as there are only a few ferries to and from the island each day, the last being at 4.45pm. When one didn’t arrive at that time, there were a few worried faces wishing we hadn’t eaten all the food and wondering if our picnic rugs would be any good as a makeshift tent. Needless to say, we did eventually get picked up.

Definitely a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon and the views on the way home weren’t bad either.


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