26 weeks later

2 Mar

We’ve been here six months. It seems longer to be honest.

Although my parents commented that it ‘seems only yesterday’ that we were having the wedding, I suppose so much has happened, so much has changed and James and I have packed so much into the last few months that it feels as if we have been here a lot longer than a mere 26 weeks.

On the subject of changes, James has now set sail for nearly three months and my parents came, saw, but did not quite conquer Australia. In fact, they left on a flight this morning.

Indeed if I was going to make reference to any other film title in this entry, recently, it seems ‘The Long Goodbye’ might also be suitable for sadly I had to say goodbye my to my Gran at the end of January, we waved goodbye to James and watched his ship leave Sydney on Monday, my parents left a few days later and now the sunshine has gone too (and I’m not just being metaphorical) as the rain has started again. I suppose it is now Autumn after all.

My parents saw out the end of Summer here and fortunately got to experience a real Summer with glorious sunshine for the majority of the time with just a couple of rainy days. For them, it was hopefully a memorable holiday with a good balance of beach relaxing, city sightseeing and various modes of traveling: a car journey to Jervis Bay, coach trip to the Blue Mountains and flights to Melbourne. It was brilliant to see them and share our experiences and show them a snapshot of our life out here. Unlike our time in Australia, their visit seemed to pass quite quickly so here is a snapshot of a few of the highlights we shared:


One Response to “26 weeks later”

  1. catherine usher March 20, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    Hi Guys, what with one thing and another (you know how it is) I kept telling my self that it wasn’t long since you had been gone, you were settling in, didn’t need news from Blighty , blah, blah, and so it came to pass that I read all your blogs at one single sitting today. And how terrific they are. A real picture of how your lives have changed and the excitement implicit in that change. Keep ’em coming.
    We toddle along, one more grandchild (Kit) born last week. James working harder now than he did when he was working. Not what you might call retirement! We speak regularly to Sue and John who are beginning to plan their trip to Oz which will be a huge thrill for them (and no doubt you too).
    So just a quick note to keep in touch.
    Abbie had a baby (William) on her 32nd birthday at the end of January.We are going to the Christening after Easter.
    Love too you both
    Catherine and James

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