Open for business

22 Feb

We provide bed and breakfast, airport transfers, tours and guided walks of the local area, occasional evening meals and can organise trips, hotels and flight bookings to other destinations: Hotel Edmondson, Rose Bay is open for business and our first guests have arrived!

Having my parents to stay and playing tour guide has given us the chance to see a few new places and appreciate what a fantastic place we live in, if we had become blasé about that at all. Since moving over here, the one thing it has not been, is a holiday but these last few days we’ve certainly enjoyed showing off the local beaches, the harbour views, the good restaurants and Sydney sights and even experience a bit of a short holiday as well.

After one of Sydney’s wettest summers in years, I was a bit worried about how we would spend the time when there are only so many museums you can visit and so much of what Sydney has to offer is best in the sunshine. Luckily, from the day mum and dad arrived, we have had one slightly cloudy afternoon and somehow the one storm we have had came at night with each day being very hot and sunny.

Having gone from minus 12 degrees back in England to landing in 27 degrees was obviously a shock to the system; at least, I’ll blame that on the fact mum was lost within a couple of hours of arriving after taking them on the ferry into the city. We finally found her amongst the crowds but made a note to get an Australian Sim card for her mobile asap so we could keep track.

Mum and dad’s visit coincided with the arrival of the Queen Mary 2. The luxury liner is making her maiden voyage around Australia – spending 28 days circumnavigating the country. First port of call: Sydney and the enormous ship dwarfed all the war ships as she berthed at the Garden Island naval base – the only place big enough to accommodate her. In recognition of Valentine’s Day, there were love hearts painted on her funnel and a marriage proposal printed on a huge banner strapped to one side. It was a good publicity stunt (call me a cynic) but a very carefully orchestrated PR campaign meant the ‘love boat’ became a big talking point and generated a lot of news coverage. If it hadn’t been for that, we probably wouldn’t have known about it and not have gone into the city that day to take a look.

Unfortunately James has been away Monday to Friday and so we’ve saved a few things for the weekends: a big barbecue with six of our friends, followed by a very competitive game of Cranium and a trip to Taronga Zoo to see the snakes, spiders, tigers and koalas!

  Python yawns

We also drove up to the naval base at Watsons Bay  for drinks in the wardroom and a view across the harbour at sunset, followed by “posh” fish and chips at Doyles on the beach. This weekend we’re driving down to Jervis Bay for a a few days at Hyams Beach for (apparently) the whitest sand in the world. HMAS Creswell is just along the bay so we’ll visit the base to get some kangaroo close-ups.

So far so good and despite the naval officer being away, we’re seeing plenty of naval bases… The guests seem happy but we’ll have to await their own ranking to see if we make an Admiral’s four-star.


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