Little Green Shoots

16 Jan

We have two flower beds on the patio off our bedroom so with the house sorted we thought we’d take the tentative steps of planting something and seeing how it goes. We’re no gardeners so we’re taking small steps and not being too ambitious by just planting a few herbs! We bought various seeds and after just a few days we have our first green shoots!

If we can keep these alive it will be a miracle but we’ve had some really sunny days and also a lot of heavy rain so it’s definitely helped.

On that front: When it rains here –  it really rains. We’ve had a couple of big storms recently. This morning there was so much rain the garage started to flood (not great)  but a few hours later, this afternoon – it’s 28 degrees and really sunny and you can’t tell it rained at all.

Last week we had one of the biggest storms I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It even made the news with over 1000 lightning strikes hitting Sydney and some suburbs receiving the heaviest rainfall in half an hour in years. It was amazing to watch although we both literally jumped out of our seats with the first crack of thunder as it sounded as if the building was falling down!


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