2011: Out with a bang

1 Jan

It is difficult to quite put into words what sort of a year 2011 has been: Momentous, life-changing and unforgettable spring to mind but don’t really seem to do it justice. They are, afterall, just words and experiencing it has been well, indescribable!

In fact, it will probably be a few years before the events of 2011 will actually sink in and the real consequences fully realised.  It is going to take something extraordinary to top  getting married and emigrating to Australia and I think we’re both looking forward to a slightly less hectic year to come, albeit maybe just as exciting. With another country to explore and many more experiences to be had out here, I think we can be assured it won’t be dull.

Aside form the two big events of a wedding and making the move, we also had time together in Dubai, a holiday in Ibiza, a honeymoon in Zanzibar and lots of trips around the UK before leaving the country. Emigrating and getting married also meant we had an excuse to see all our friends and family quite a bit. Sadly it sometimes takes such events to get everyone together but it made 2011 that extra bit special. It made us realise who all our good friends are, how many brilliant people we have in our lives and it that little bit harder when it came to saying farewell.

Four months in and we have made a pretty good start out here in Australia and that’s in no small part to making some great friends who have made the transition that much easier and helped us integrate and have a social life. We have an apartment in a fantastic suburb of Sydney and are both working. Yes, it has been hard at times and we would be lying if we have never felt a pang of homesickness, especially around Christmas, but we also feel incredibly lucky to have made such good friends as to be able to have had a family Christmas over here and then of course – on to the most recent event, a fantastic New Year’s Eve.

With James working in the Navy, we got special ticketed access to the base at Garden Island, Woolloomooloo, in the city, right on the harbour. You could not have asked for a better location to watch the fireworks and if there’s one thing Sydney is famed for – it’s putting on an impressive display on New Year’s Eve. Ten of us set up camp amongst hundreds of others but still with a spectacular view across to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Cool boxes, camping chairs, picnic rugs, booze and food in place, we settled down for a few hours before midnight. At nine o’ clock there was a small display for families and children and with that as a taster, we knew there was something pretty big in store come midnight. We were not let down. Fifteen minutes of a none-stop explosion of colour – with fireworks firing from the bridge itself and several barges all the way along the harbour. We celebrated with people who have become close friends and that was something we did not necessarily think would happen within a few months.




I have probably outdone my quota of superlatives and adjectives in this post but the countdown to 2012 was a countdown ending one of the most incredible years of our lives and hopefully into another year filled with happiness for everyone we know and love.



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