‘Tis the season with no holly

18 Dec

It’s been difficult to get in the Christmas spirit this year with a lack of frosty weather, dark nights and lots of friends and family around.  You might think we wouldn’t miss the wintery weather but a warm Christmas doesn’t quite seem right. The weather has been a bit overcast so we’ve not even had much sun to cheer us up. In fact, if you wanted to you could almost forget Christmas is just round the corner.

But despite Wham and Mariah Carey not playing constantly on the radio, few street decorations and no tree in the apartment (we didn’t think it worth it as we are not spending Christmas here), if you want it, Sydney does offer some festive fun.  Earlier in the week, eight of us went to Paddington Christmas night markets: Lots of crafts and gift ideas for presents but sadly a lack of mulled wine – free beer in the pub opposite made up for it.

Saturday, was a warm 24 degrees and sunny and that evening Australia’s biggest carol concert was held in the Domain in Sydney – a large park next to the Botanical Gardens.

The journey there into the city by ferry is one which always inspires a few photos:

We decided to go with fellow ‘poms’ Nicky and Matt to join literally tens of thousands of people, all out with picnics to listen to Michael Buble, lots of Aussie singers and various choirs and orchestras perform. As it grew darker and everyone lit the candles – provided in special packs for sale – it really was an incredible sight. We left before the end to have a drink by the harbour but it was the first true festive experience and definitely one we’ll go to again next year if we can.

We are looking forward to Christmas up in Brisbane – the twelve-hour journey with five of us in the car will certainly be a road trip to remember and once work is out and the car is packed, I’m sure it will start feeling as if the holiday has begun… Especially when I force everyone to listen to Christmas songs all the way….


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