While the sailor’s away…

25 Nov

I am about to start freelance shifts soon at Channel Nine (that’s the good news) but it means about one more week of officially not working (the bad news) as that means no more impromptu trips to Melbourne to see Will and Isa.

James had his sixth week away this week and to be honest I was getting a little lonely so when Will rang and suggested a visit, I was on the plane the next day.

I have just got back from a really lovely few days with their family and not only did I get to spend some quality time with people and get to know them a lot better and feel they are my good friends now too, I also escaped the wet Sydney weather and enjoyed two sunny days on the Mornington Peninsula – yesterday being 30 degrees.

With two young children (Archie 5 and Bella 3) I don’t think we had an uninterrupted adult conversation before bedtime but it was good fun and hanging out at the beach with Isa while Bella and Archie made sticks into seahorses was not a bad way to spend a morning!

I think the last few days taught me two things: children can be adorable, lovely, funny and bring a lot of joy but we are going to have to do a lot more travelling, living and talking before they are on the agenda!


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