Dragons and skeletons

30 Oct

In a rare moment of domesticity I decided to attempt making a pumpkin pie, primarily because we were having a bit of an impromptu Halloween/housewarming party and because now we have a kitchen full of cooking utensils (arrived in the shipping) I had a sudden urge to use them!

Friday night had been spent cooking the sweet pumpkin we managed to track down and making the pastry. Saturday morning I got up early to make the filling and bake the pie so that we could go down to the bay to go dragon boat racing.

That’s when ten minutes before we were due to walk down, as I was proudly taking this pie out of the oven, James offered to help me.  Usually I’d think James, kitchen, let’s keep them separate but we were in a bit of a rush so taking a pie out of the oven – what could go wrong?

One minute later – there was an empty pie crust and a pumpkin mess all over the hob.

I stared around at the other mess, which had gone into making this thing: several bowls, sieves, spoons, whisks, pots and pans, all testament to the hours gone into creating what now sat in a sad, orange heap in front of us.


There were words, I won’t write them.

Luckily, it was just about salvageable and I scraped together the remains of this pie and popped it back in the oven.

Dragon boat racing soon took our minds off it! We decided to go after picking up a flyer advertising an open day. About twenty people showed up, perfect for a complete crew and the team members took us out, taught us how to paddle, swap positions in the boat and a few basic instructions. It was great fun to be part of the boat and rowing out into the harbour and a really good way to meet lots of people if we decide to do it again. We were both pretty tired after an hour, with the last few minutes spent upping the tempo quite a bit but they even put on a ‘sausage sizzle’ for everyone afterwards.



We headed home (via the toy shop to pick up a few plastic skeletons and bats!) The pie was done – a little less ‘smooth’ than intended but nevertheless in one piece!

Saturday afternoon I got over my vow never to look at a pumpkin again and discovered my inner child and carved a pumpkin for the party. We set up the outside terrace and with a few lights, candles and seating, it was all set.

Some people couldn’t make it but around twelve people came  – roughly the total sum of everyone we know so far over here!

It was a lot of fun. We even had some real bonafide Aussies  – so the pressure was really on for the barbecue! James did a wonderful job – snags and kebabs all round.

Everyone bought some drinks, Pippa bought some home baked Anzac cookies and I’m glad to say the pumpkin pie went down well (this time not over the hob).


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