Christening the barbie

23 Oct

Saturday was a big day at the new pad and a day of firsts. It was the day the first picture was hung (and subsequently fell down), the first guests arrived and the first barbecue was lit –  and with that came a few other firsts: the dining table used for the first time, the fridge full of beer for the first time and most importantly – James’ cooking skills tested for the (very) first time!

With the apartment now unpacked, put away and tidy, it was ready to receive guests; six others to be precise: Pete, Sophie, Andy, Shannon, Nicky and Matt. The latter couple we had never met before but in a parallel situation find themselves newly moved over due to Matt’s job, having just found somewhere to live with Nicky looking for work and awaiting their sea freight, we were able to fully empathise with their situation. As friends of the others – a really good group we have got to know over the past few weeks and can now call friends – the house was full and it was time to get the barbie going.

In order to christen the flat and the new barbecue, we had two butterflied legs of lamb, salads, breads, booze – and plenty of it. It wasn’t quite ‘shrimps on the barbie’ but it was edible and no one got sick (we haven’t heard any reports otherwise so far!) and within half an hour of grilling, two wonderfully cooked pieces of lamb were produced, much to our delight – and James’ relief!

It was a lovely feeling, having our new home ready to be lived in, enjoying the outside space and finally settling into Aussie life. Suddenly it really did feel as if we had a home.

Judging by the time everyone left and the amount consumed we can call it a success and hopefully the first of many.


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