A Rose Bay Sunday

23 Oct

Post first barbecue, today was another induction to Aussie life – my first attempt at SUP – Stand-Up-Paddle.

I have heard this described as ‘surfing for those who don’t like waves’ but actually, it is possible to surf on these boards – and plenty do – and I was quietly relieved that I could try this with just a few gentle waves in the harbour – quite big enough for me on the first go!

James being a relative expert set off easily. I was advised to kneel and paddle out initially but seeing as the sport is SUP – not KUP – I attempted the stand – not as easy as it looks. With James’ help initially I managed to stand up and get going as the photo proves!

Yes I was tensed all the way round the bay, yes my feet ached for gripping on for dear life and yes, I barely got to enjoy the stunning harbour views with my eyes so intently focused on the water ahead but yes I did enjoy it and yes, I would do it again.

We both loved the fact that we could get up and be on the water together so soon  and with the sun shining and weather heating up, it was a brilliant way to start the day.

It also happened to be the day of the Rose Bay Street Fair – nothing too dissimilar to the kind of event you get in English towns: craft stalls, food and drink stands, face painting, music and the streets full of locals. The only difference: people browsing stalls for Christmas decorations in blazing sunshine – something I’m not sure will ever seem quite right!



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