Boxed In

20 Oct

We’ve been looking forward to the sea freight arriving for some weeks now. There was about a week’s delay with the ship and since we found it had docked, we’ve just been waiting for our life in boxes to clear customs.

Yesterday those boxes were brought home, but what was actually brought home was just how much ‘stuff’ we seem to have between us, despite not having actually owned a house together.

The delivery men called out the numbers, wanting some direction as to where they should be put  but as the numbers got higher, it became more of a wave of the arm and ‘wherever you can find space’ from me.

By the time it had got to ‘seventy-six’, it was just a look of a despair as I tried to mentally calculate where everything was going to fit!

I should probably mention that this week James conveniently had to go away for a course so of course it was yours truly that had the task of sorting through everything. It has it’s advantages… First call on whether it stays or goes and where it goes, if it stays!

Nearly thirty-six hours later I am pleased to say every box marked ‘books’ has now been opened and emptied, which accounts for a good half. If I ever see another dust cover with a picture of a battle ship or the words ‘military’, ‘war’ or ‘Navy’ written on it, it will be too soon. However, the number of books about ‘succeeding through adversity’ must have inspired me to carry on. The rugs are down, the shelves are full, most of the documents have been put away and fortunately most of our possessions arrived intact bar some broken glass on a couple of pictures and the bean bag; which had been unceremoniously ripped open (I assume to check we weren’t smuggling anything other than white polystyrene beans into the country) and stuck back together with masking tape.

It’s now just a garage full of empty boxes to dispose of. I know just the man for the job…


One Response to “Boxed In”

  1. Biff & Myri October 20, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    His timing has always been great!! That said he probably knew it would be a far smoother operation without him there 🙂 Please all has arrived safely though.

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