Flat whites, high surf, low scores

16 Oct

Typically the weekends start with a coffee and in true Aussie style – it’s a flat white and normally outdoors in the sunshine but the best treat of all: a slice of toasted banana bread – another Australian favourite we have found we’re willing to adopt!

This weekend it was an early start and a two-hour trip in the car, heading up to the Central Coast – an area, which we’ve heard a lot about as everyone seems to be clamouring to buy a house or land up there. It’s like the house-buyers’ equivalent of the iphone right now: everyone wants one, it looks great and you get more features for your cash. We weren’t exactly going on a house hunting mission though, we just fancied taking a trip ‘up the road’!

Despite being relatively ‘just up the road’, (Avoca beach is within an hour and a half’s drive of Sydney) it could not be more different: from the more laid-back atmosphere, to the wooded hillsides and long wide sweeping beaches – even the colour of the sand – a much darker yellow.

Although it seemed everybody was out on the beach enjoying the recent turn in weather (27 degrees and counting now), unlike in Europe where the entire town turns out to find their inch of space on the sand on which to sizzle, there were wide stretches of empty beach and most people were watching the surfers in the ocean. When you see a child of practically six years-old stand up and noncholantly surf a few waves on to the beach you begin to appreciate the other differences in lifestyle as well.

Terragal is just a few minutes further drive up the coast and has a bit more life to it with more of a focus in the centre with a few more shops, cafes and what felt like a community hub.

For us on a day trip, it felt a bit like a holiday town; a surf club, residential areas, a few coffee shops and the beach. Admittedly the housing plots are larger, the views spectacular and the prices much cheaper but I think it will be a little while before we’re ready to move out to and settle in distant suburbia!

Come evening, we’d gone from watching surfing prodigies in the sunshine to beers and rugby down the pub followed by a curry (you can take the guy out of England….). We met up with a fellow Brit and RN exchange officer at a bar in Double Bay to watch the Wales France game. Obviously we were cheering on Wales so the result was a bit of a disappointment but we were cheered by the discovery of a really good Indian restaurant a few minutes walk from our house.


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