Two and a half men (and a little lady)

2 Oct

This was our first full weekend out of Sydney – but not just out of the city – this trip took us to a new state as well.

We went down to visit Will (of all the weekends we chose, it was the one when his wife Isa could not be there due to visiting a friend in Perth) and his two children, Bella and Archie down in Mt Martha, Victoria and then took the opportunity to see a bit of Melbourne before we flew back earlier.

Unfortunately the weather has started to turn and we are experiencing our first spell of rainy weather over here. It meant the weekend was mainly spent in the house but this gave us the perfect chance to catch up with Will (or Billy to James), who we haven’t seen since the wedding. Lots of good food, conversation, playing toy cars and trains and reading bedtime stories was the order of the weekend, plus a quick outing to the park when the sun finally emerged on Saturday afternoon.

One great thing about having children with you is they’re the perfect alibi to muck around and become a big kid again – as some of the photos will attest. In fact, I could well have titled this post two kids and three big ones.

Brunch is synonymous with Sunday mornings over here and today was no exception… Will took us for a brunch experience at ‘The Boyz 4 Breakie’ in Mornington – a busy place, buzzing with families and friends all tucking into various hearty options on the menu ranging from the usual eggs benedict or sausage, eggs and bacon to French toast and maple syrup, sweet potato cakes or the most amazing porridge with figs, cranberries, apricots and cinnamon.  We were all eyeing up the children’s sticky date muffins with caramel sauce though!

Brunch at Bozy For Breakie, Mornington

We then went to walk it off along the coast path to Mothers’ Beach before James and I said our farewells and drove to Melbourne.

First impression of Melbourne was of a much more European style of city with some fine examples of Victorian architecture – such as the iconic Flinders station – and plenty of little side streets to duck down to discover coffee shops, restaurants, bistros and boutique shops.

We definitely did not get to see the city at its best, being a rather wet Sunday afternoon, but even so, it has given us a taste and we’ll definitely be back for more!


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