The North Shore

4 Sep

A week of being here, we decided it was time to venture North – over the bridge and up to see what Manly had to offer.

It was striking how a town just a short drive away had a very different vibe: A cross between ‘surfer-cool’ with a hint of Blackpool thrown in for good measure.

The beach itself, a long stretch of golden sand with enough surfers to let us believe we were in Australia and the promenade fringed with high-rise apartments, hotels and a decent smattering of bars with names such as Sugar Lounge for an urban edge.

Behind the beach front, the Corso was where the tourist market thrived and where I first discovered how easily you can find gluten free/wheat free/ dairy free/ (taste free?) treats over here… Although we have not had a bad meal or even snack here yet.

We could see why Manly attracts the backpackers  with its lively yet laid back ambience and why the Northern beaches are as much a sought after location as the Eastern Suburbs.

However, heading back over the bridge, it really did feel as if we were heading ‘home’… Back to the place we’ve begun to get to know.



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