Leaving limbo-land

28 Aug

We are finally on our way with one more flight to go.

I am not sure it has fully sunk and it still seems a little surreal that 72 hours a go we were leaving Heathrow, saying goodbye to our families (I think we all held it together quite well, but there were a few tears at take-off!)

The Singapore stopover has been a bit of a blur: A fast and easy transition from plane to chauffeur-driven Mercedes waiting to take us to the hotel and then a day and a half of trying but not succeeding in getting our heads around what we had just done and were about to do. It was  a welcome stop to ease the jet-lag but felt slightly as if we were just prolonging the inevitable; a two night limbo-land where we had neither quite arrived, nor were we at home anymore.

We were lucky to have ex-Navy friend Mark and his fiancee Claire to meet up with, a chance to catch up, hear a few words of advice from fellow ex-pats and take advantage of their knowledge of the good restaurants.

We are both grateful to escape the muggy, wet conditions of Singapore and get to our final destination – Sydney.

Time will tell if we will start to feel like ‘home’.


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